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    1. 中文
      • Selection of plastic pallets

        Plastic pallets are the most basiccontainer unit for production and warehousing in various industries.

      • Application of welding in plastic crate products

        Ultrasonic welding use the crest position of the longitudinal wave to transfer the amplitude to the gap of the plastic part. Under pressure, the molecules of the contact part of the two plastic parts or other parts and the plastic part will collide w

      • How to eliminate plastic transition material?

        Plastic pallet is the most basic container unit for production and storage in various industries. With the continuous increase in demand for plastic pallet and the popular use of various industries, the quality of plastic pallets is increased.

      • Problems and challenges faced by Guangdong plastics industry

        The current situation faced by the plastics industry in Guangdong Province is that the industry is highly concentrated in the narrow Pearl River Delta region.

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