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    1. 中文


      Exterior Dimension:623*426*315mm
      Inner Dimension:525*398*310mm


      HDPE plastic crate for fruit and vegetables

      Technical Data,

      Structure Perforated Item No.: NC6242B
      Material Impact Resistant PP
      Ext.Dim 623*426*315mm
      Int.Dim 525*398*310mm
      Nested Height 70mm
      Volume 64.0L
      Color Yellow / Blue /More
      Load Capacity ≤25kg Stacking Load ≤125kg
      20'GP About 1300 PCS 40'GP  About 2600 PCS
      Operating Environment  -25°C~+60°C Nesting type 2

      623*426*315mm HDPE plastic crate for fruit and vegetables

      Recommended Products

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