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    1. 中文


      Exterior Dimension:600*400*315mm
      Inner Dimension:568*375*300mm


      PP material plastic crate with lid 

      Structure  Solid base + Solid sides Item No.:  BWX0B2
      Material Impact Resistant PP
      Ext.Dim 600*400*315mm
      Int.Dim 568*375*300mm
      Nested Height 85mm
      Volume 60L
      Color Blue / More
      Load Capacity ≤25kg Stacking Load ≤125kg  
      20'GP About  714 PCS 40'GP  About  1615 PCS  
      Operating Environment  -25°C~+60°C Nesting type  2



      --Nestable design helps to save 1/2 space when not in use.and for return 

         journeys if used for transortation

      --Sizes can also be made according to customer's requirement

      --The sides can be hot stamped and screen printed with customer's name and logo

      --Label holder can be optional for attaching.

      --Polypropylen, long service life, especially suitable for use in the automotive industry.



      BWX0B3 (6)

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